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Zone-tailed Hawk in Valley Center, some north county notes

During a 10 minute gap between online finals, I had an adult Zone-tailed Hawk fly over my yard in Valley Center, now the third time I've seen one in town but the first in the yard and the first I've photographed. I imagine all my sightings pertain to the San Pasqual Valley birds. Pics here:

Some other minor notes in north county include a Horned Grebe on Lake Wohlford on December 6th, my first there. Also on the 6th, I had a Pelagic Cormorant foraging in the west basin of Agua Hedionda Lagoon which I think is the first time I've seen one along the north county coastline that wasn't flying by. I also had an incredibly out of place Marsh Wren in a tiny reed patch ON the beach of Carlsbad State Beach (just below Juniper Ave). There's a few very small pools of freshwater with reeds growing right along the seawall and it was moving between two of them. 

Ryan Andrews 
Valley Center
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports