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Zone-tail Hawks

Kerry Ross and Barbara Carlson have recent sightings of Zone-tail hawks – at Lake Henshaw and Safari Park. Today I went and got some photos from the parking lot at Safari Park. I noticed that the bird I saw had a finely barred tail. Kerry also mentioned the barred tail. Barbara photographed a ZTHA with one wide white band and a wide dark terminal band – definitely not the same bird I had. I also wondered today if I was seeing two hawks, both very similar. But one had a very bulging crop, and the photos I posted don’t show that. The bird I posted (best pics I took), has a few white body feathers. I did have some frames that showed some white feathers on the nape of the neck. I did not get enough to tell if it was definitely 2 different birds. So, at least 2 ZTHA at the Safari Park, possibly 3.


Around 3 pm the hawk showed up soaring over the parking lot (which makes a nice thermal), coming and going several times over a 45 minute period.


Nancy Christensen



Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports