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Yellow throated Vireo and miscellaneous

10:15 am

As mentioned by others, Michelle’s Yellow throated Vireo continues in Wing Street Canyon on Tuesday morning, but it’s spending quite a bit of time at the way upper end of the road after the point which it deteriorates to just a narrow walking path, and even then it’s spending a lot of time up on the right hand slope close to the backs of homes and too far away to be able to see it, so all one does is hear it sing periodically for short periods of time and then have long pauses of silence. At one point it did return to the dirt road almost as far back down as where it was yesterday, providing good views, but then it turned around and went back up to the slope at the way upper end on the right. At first light in the canyon there were at least five Swainson’s thrushes calling.

So so number of overall migrants there and farther out on Point Loma, the most common being western tanager and also a few pewees and hammonds along with other more common species.
Yesterday, the 8th, the two Elegant Terns continued inland at Sweetwater Reservoir now for almost 10 days, staying a surprisingly long time at an inland body of water.
Paul Lehman, San Diego