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Yellow-rumpeds, Tipus, and Nutcrackers

2:16 pm

No, all three of these things are NOT related! There was a notable influx of plenty of Yellow-rumped Warblers today, and I ran into reasonable to good numbers of them at virtually every patch of tipu trees checked. And speaking of tipus, bird use of them seems to be increasing further over the past week–as is often the case as we move through October.
The odd-one-out in this grouping is Clark’s Nutcracker, but it is worth pointing out that there is a notable flight of them going on this fall in the Rockies, numbers have made it to the Oregon coast where very rare, a group was reported about a week ago in southeast Monterey County, and just in the last few days a moderate number were reported in the high-elevation backcountry in Santa Barbara County–where also very rare. So, it looks like the odds are pretty good for some to show up at some point in the not-too-distant future in the mountains of San Diego County.
Paul Lehman, San Diego