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Yellow-headed Blackbird, Ramona

This afternoon, we found a very large flock of assorted blackbird species between homes and vacant lots on Pine Street at the intersection of an un-named road (very short), which comes just after Heritage Ranch Road.  The flock (roughly 1000) included at least 10 YELLOW-HEADED BLACKBIRDS.  The flock also a large number of TRI-COLORED BLACKBIRDS (400-500) with smaller numbers of BREWERS, RED-WINGS, STARLINGS & BROWN-HEADED COWBIRDS.  The first Yellow-headed was spotted by Jim Zimmer.  The flock tends to move around a great deal, especially when vehicles pass by.

Also today in Ramona, we saw the continuing: two adult BALD EAGLES, on Rangeland Rd; a HARRIS HAWK, in the large Eucalyptus trees just east of the airport; a pair of HOODED MERGANSERS at the Hwy 78 pond (nearest cross street Magnolia); Also, at the Ramona Grasslands: 5-6 FERRUGINOUS HAWKS, 1 PRAIRE FALCON & 1 PEREGRINE FALCON.
Observers included Ken Weaver, Ed Hall, Clark Mahrdt & Dave Batzler.  Ken Weaver will be submitting an eBird report later this week.
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Dave Batzler
Carlsbad, CA
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