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Yellow-billed Loon, Robb Field Tropical Kingbird

Yellow-billed Loon, Robb Field Tropical Kingbird
By {authorlink} – 9:23 am

Friday morning between about 7:45 and 8:15, a continuing Tropical Kingbird was present around the westernmost ball field at Robb Field, and along the main road in the park in that same area. Spent a bunch of time with a single Cassins Kingbird on the back stop and on nearby signs and dumpster fencing. This is very likely one of two birds that were present at this exact same spot during part of November, including perched on the exact same perches as I saw it using today. What’s interesting is that unless I am mistaken there was not a single report of this bird for the entire winter, since November, until just a few days ago when somebody eBirded it. Given the heavy birder traffic at Robb Field, it seems very surprising. This makes at least three Tropicals currently present in the county, with the others at NAS North Island and Famosa Slough, but with earlier winter birds in the TRV, Nestor, and Crown Point currently MIA.

Also this morning, the Yellow billed Loon continues at Mission Bay, and this morning it was in the main channel off Quivira Point rather than in Quivira Basin. I could count five Common Loons in view in various directions from Quivira Point.
Paul Lehman, San Diego