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Yellow-billed Loon -Mission Bay

Yellow-billed Loon -Mission Bay
By {authorlink} – 3:01 pm

Today (Fri) at 1:00, the Y-B Loon continues near Quivera Point in Mission Bay, San Diego – about 200 yds SW of W Mission Bay Dr overpass.
Also, a Common Loon was seen in the bay/marina spot at end of road.  The several differences between the two (seen in good light today) are all SMALL ones-
The bill looks PALE on both, but the Y-B shows a hint of its ‘name-sake’ color, a dull yellow – the only color that could describe the bill of the Com would be gray.  The face of the Com had pale, but the Y-B was paler, including the entire area surrounding the eye,  including ABOVE the eye.
The bill on Y-B appeared SLIGHTLY less straight, slightly more up-turned, than the Com.  The ‘peaked’ forehead appearance was ON AVERAGE more prominent on Y-B, although in various views, the most-peaked posture /view of Com looked about the SAME as the least-peaked of Y-B posture /views.
The plumage (so far this winter) appears very dull/flat dark-brown on the Com, a ‘warmer’ tan-brown on Y-B.  Six weeks ago, when Y-B and Com together in scope views, I could not tell much of any size difference.
Elsewhere in Miss-Bay- failed looks off Vacation Isle for Long-tailed Duck preceding and following the Quivera visit.  Snow Geese are still on east side of Vac-Isle, but no sign of Sage Thrasher at Kendall-Frost marsh edge.
Good Birding,
Paul Chad
University City