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Yellow-bellied Sapsucker at North Clairemont Regional Area

Hello San Diego Birders,
I'm here on a birding vacation from Oakland, trying to pad my San Diego county list. I visited North Clairemont Regional Area yesterday on a tanager quest, which was eventually successful. While I
was waiting for the tanager, a woodpecker flew into the easternmost tall
eucalyptus adjacent to the east lawn. Brief bino views showed adult
YELLOW-BELLIED SAPSUCKER, showing limited red throat patch, edged in black, red forehead,
but no red nape. About that time, the tanager showed up, so I took my eye off the sapsucker. I tried briefly
to refund the sapsucker after viewing tanager but no luck.

Regarding the continuing HEPATIC TANAGER, I first
spotted it briefly when it popped up on the low dark trees behind the green
and blue trashcans on the east lawn. I was deep in conversation with a
curious passerby and couldn't find a polite way to disengage so I lost
the bird. This was around 9 am. Maybe 20 minutes later, I was looking at
a sapsucker in the tallest easternmost eucalyptus when the tanager
again showed up. I watched it feed on eucalyptus berries high in the
canopy for maybe 15 minutes. I'll eventually add poor quality pictures to my eBird list at

Bird on,

Bruce Mast


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