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Wood Thrush continues at Palomar Mountain (and others)

Wood Thrush continues at Palomar Mountain (and others)
By {authorlink} – 3:37 pm

Afternoon, birders,

The Wood Thrush celebrated its two week anniversary today/Friday at the Doane Valley Nature Trail by making an appearance for at least eight birders this morning.  Four people reported having seen it around 6:30am from the road, looking down towards the culvert in the creek bed on the downstream/north side of the road.  Four more of us saw it from about 10-10:30am in the creek bed at Trail Marker #9.  

We had three sightings of Pacific Wrens but couldn’t confirm if that was more than one bird.  One sighting was at the stream crossing at the junction with the Weir Trail about 9:30am (very vocal) another sighting was at the same time as the Wood Thrush, around 10:15am, but along the side of the trail at Trail Marker #9, and a third sighting was on the Weir Trail about halfway to the Baptist Trail.

The female-plumaged Williamson’s Sapsucker was up on the Weir Trail just before the junction with the Baptist Trail and a Townsend’s Solitaire was nearby.  I think there were Golden-crowned Kinglets in that same area but… they were fast, we couldn’t confirm!

Eve Martin
Del Mar, California