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wintering Artemisiospiza article available at Journal of Field Ornithology

12:16 pm

It took a while for me to sit down to write it, but we’ve finally published our results for our 2014 sage sparrow project in the Journal of Field Ornithology. Thank you to Arizona
Field Ornithologists for providing funding to make the project possible. Thank you to all of the many volunteers for helping us on our sparrow roundups across western Arizona, to Larry Norris for providing use of his nets. I apologize for taking so long to
get this finished. I believe JFO has made the article open access this morning, and it is available at


Please let me know if you are unable to access the article. Please forgive me for being off on a couple of the details when I spoke on the topic at a SDFO webinar this past winter – I
did not have my old presentation slides or notes, and I had not given a talk on the subject for many years. For example, I think I said that Sagebrush Sparrow wing chords reached 85 mm, but I think our biggest Sagebrush wing chords were 80.5 mmm, that sort
of thing. I mostly had it remembered correctly.


Chris McCreedy

San Diego and Tucson