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White-winged Doves at Wilderness Gardens

We have been seeing increasing numbers of White-winged Doves on the coastal slope for several years. Yesterday (10/24) I observed an unusually large number of the doves at Wilderness Gardens County Preserve.  The doves were sunning themselves in trees on the west edge of the pond (there is only one).  They began flushing in small numbers as I approached the area.  I could easily count the birds as they flew over the pond to the east.  Total number:  38.  I believe it is likely the birds are now nesting in the area.Other birds at the preserve were mostly expected for this time of year.  A Townsend’s Solitaire was singing from pepper trees west of the park’s main office and a Red-naped Sapsucker was present at the same spot.  Both birds were first reported on eBird earlier this fall by Paula Theobald.Ken WeaverFallbrookgnatcatcher@…