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White-winged Dove, new Nashville, Cassin's, Hooded O. #5

Some times its good to go the wrong way. This morning, Thursday, I was trying to find a couple small parks that I'd never checked before on the north side of Main Street in Chula Vista, just north of the Thick-billed Kingbird area, and I turned onto the wrong road…and soon found a White-winged Dove on a wire. In eastern Chula Vista, a block from Heritage Park there's a new Nashville Warbler in a line of tipu trees. I saw the returning Cassin's Vireo again at the north end of Nestor Park, in the strip of riparian, bathing. Also the male Summer and 2 Western Tanagers. At the corner of Hollister X Sunset there are 2 Yellow Warblers. And at the very upper end of Sunnyslope Park there's a female Bullock's Oriole (very scarce so far this winter in the county) and a Western Tanager (definitely NOT scarce this winter in the county!).

In Tierrasanta, today there was a female Hooded Oriole, the FIFTH Hooded Oriole in locally in just the past week or so, and yesterday I had a female Costs's Hummingbird here, which have become quite rare along the coast in winter.

–Paul Lehman, San Diego
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports