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White-throated sparrow, late Western Kingbird, miscellanea

White-throated sparrow, late Western Kingbird, miscellanea
By {authorlink} – 9:51 am

Also on Thursday morning, a White-throated Sparrow is with the White-crowned flock in the extreme southeast corner of the TRV community gardens, and could well be the same individual that was there last winter. Nearby, near the corner of Sunset X Hollister there was a late Western Kingbird and a continuing Vermilion flycatcher. There were FOUR Vermilion flycatchers at the high school ball fields immediately south of Nestor Park, two immature males and two females, all seen at once, surprisingly not including either of the adult males that were there last winter. At the salt works, in the east side of the stint empowerment it was a good count of 14 Cattle Egrets in with all the Black-bellied plovers, which is a high count in recent years for the coast. And a mixed flock of Greater White-fronted and Cackling geese continue to float around the TRV as well.

Paul Lehman, San Diego