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White throated Sparrow 57, Summer Tanager 65

White throated Sparrow 57, Summer Tanager 65
By {authorlink} – 6:08 am

Yesterday, the 20th, I had a new White-throated Sparrow downtown at San Diego City College. All by itself; no White-crowneds. The occasional new White-throated continues to be found scattered around the county, but the lion’s share of birds were discovered much earlier in the winter, as is to be expected. Same is true for our mass of Summer Tanagers. So, with just a week left in February and the “official” winter season, I thought folks might like to know what the county tally is for WTSP and SUTA for this winter season, December-February (although any new birds found anytime during March undoubtedly wintered locally as well):
White-throated Sparrow:  57  (46 coastal, 7 inland valleys, 4 desert);  previous winter record 18 !!!
Summer Tanager:  65  (62 coastal, 2 inland valleys, 1 desert);  previous winter record 44.
Clearly there were more than the usual number of both these species present this winter, and White-throateds were also well above average in a number of other California counties (although not to this extent!), although the very high number of Summer Tanagers seemed to be more unique to San Diego County. But, the effect of more intense observer coverage should not be under-estimated as also a driving factor! The latter is likely the key factor in this season’s new winter records for Nashville Warbler and Black-throated Gray Warbler.
–Paul Lehman, San Diego