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White-thr. & dark-lored White-cr., Summer Tanager

On Weds the 3rd, a female-type Summer Tanager and a dull White-throated Sparrow were near the northern end of the Point Loma Nazarene University campus. The sparrow is with a good-sized flock of White-crowneds just south of the alumni building, and the tanager was with a Western T. in the large fig tree over the Office of Records.On Nov 1st, a new, immature dark-lored (presumably oriantha) White-crowned Sparrow was in the TRV community gardens, and two long-staying adult male Yellow-headed Blackbirds continue in the Hollister X Sunset area, either at the horse corrals or in the community gardens.Pine Siskins are now showing up in small numbers, with a bunch not only at Chris S.’s feeder in El Cajon, but there were also some in Jacumba yesterday.–Paul Lehman, San Diego