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White Geese at San Dieguito Horse Pastures

7:05 pm


I went looking for the Ross’s Goose again today, missed the last time I
tried. I found it, along with one clear Snow Goose, and two other white
Geese that had me scratching my head. Wondering if they might be Ross’s
X Snow Hybrids. They were about the same size as the Ross’s, and their
bills were smaller than the clear Snow Goose, maybe the same size as the
Ross’s. Heads were not the same shape as the Ross’s, but not the shape
of the Snow either. Forehead angle looked more like Snow. Their legs
looked more like the Snow’s to me in my photos. For now I put them in my
list as Ross’s/Snow. They seemed to like to forage with the Ross’s a lot
of the time. The Snow came and went from the group. List and photos are

Same photos are posted in my Smugmug account here where you can see them
more full size and maybe zoom in more than is possible on eBird.

Interested in opinions.

Lisa Ruby
Sabre Springs

Lisa Ruby
Sabre Springs