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White-eyed Vireo, landbird migration (lack thereof), minor miscellanea

As of 28 Aug, the White-eyed Vireo continues, and continues singing, at El Camino Cemetery. No surprise. The usual area.

Overall, the migration of western landbirds along the coast has been quite lackluster (an understatement!) the past couple weeks. Hopefully things will improve soon. I am seeing fewer than 5 individual migrants each morning, at a wide variety of sites; and I finally, for example, got my first-of-season Wilson's Warbler on the 26th and first migrant-type Savannah Sparrows on the 27th–which is late for both. Of just minor interest was a migrant Yellow-breasted Chat on Point Loma on 24 Aug (there are few if any August records of migrants, but that has probably more to do with it being difficult to find clearly migrant Chats in fall), and an adult male Western Tanager in Tierrasanta on 25 Aug was in full song for over 5 minutes, which is odd for a migrant in fall. Long-staying Reddish Egrets continue at both the San Diego R. mouth and at the J Street mudflats.

–Paul Lehman, San Diego
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports