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White-bellied Indigo Bunting continues at Paso Picacho GC

On my fourth try, I finally located one of the Cuyamaca Indigo Buntings.  The bird hadn't been reported for about a month, and I my hopes weren't that high, so this is a pleasant outcome.  A review of my photos shows it has some white on its belly.  I can't recall if the previously reported bunting this year was that one or the all blue one.  I kind of thought it was the latter, so perhaps both are back.  Anyhow, It was briefly cooperative, posing for a couple of minutes and singing for a few more, allowing me to get photos and audio, which are appended to my eBird checklist.  It was right behind the group camp bathrooms, as I believe the last reported one was.

Tuck Russell
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports