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Whale watching-Nazca Booby, etc.

Whale watching-Nazca Booby, etc.
By {authorlink} – 7:32 pm

Today (1/18) Myself and family along with Nancy C. headed out on one of Legacy’s 3 hour whale watching tours in search of birds. 
As well as the continuing Yellow-billed Loon on the way out we were pleased to see a nice Nazca Booby fly by the boat. Other nice birds for a whale watch, included, a Common Murre, Brown Booby, Cassin’s Auklet, and a couple of Pomarine Jeagers chasing a group of Bonaparte’s gulls.
For anyone wanting to head off shore and look for some good birds besides on the regular pelagics, whale watches are always worth giving a try, and it can cost as little as $27.  
Happy birding, 
–Aedyn Loefke