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Western Wood-Pewee, La Jolla seawatch

This morning, 26 October, there was a very late Western Wood-Pewee at Villa La Jolla Park in la Jolla. In sycamores (mostly) and pines in southeast corner of park. This becomes the second-latest-ever record for the county, with the latest coming from the TRV on 30 Oct 1971. Photos of today’s bird in eBird.A few of us tried morning seawatches at La Jolla both pre- and post- storm, although both times under very light wind conditions, Fairly slow. Small numbers of southbound scoters and loons, as many as 6 Parasitic Jaegers both days, and hundreds of Black-venteds; and a Common Murre and notable southbound flight of Heermann’s Gulls today. At least 2 Black Oystercatchers continue.–Paul Lehman, San Diego