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Western screech owls at San Elijo Lagoon


At 5.40 this morning I heard a pair of screech owls calling and responding just west of the Santa Helena trail. One was up in the old growth bushes on the hill, the other in one of the Torrey pines. They stopped calling at 5.50 and once light, I could not locate them visually. 
Also heard was a great horned owl in the neighborhood to the south, 4 common poorwills including 1 seen on the path. 
And I had a close encounter with a bobcat at the La Orilla/ Santa Helena trail Junction: he stepped out on the path 50 feet in front of me! We stared at each other for maybe 5 seconds and then he took off into the brush. Amazing!
Steve Perry
Solana Beach

Steve Perry
Solana Beach, CA
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports