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weekend miscellanea, incl. new Cackling, Plumbeous, 3 more Nashvilles

On Sunday the 13th, while birding in Imperial Beach, a northbound flock of a dozen Canada Geese flew over which included 1 Cackling Goose. A check of the South McCoy Trail at the Tijuana Estuary during the very high tide produced a very good total of 60 Belding's Savannah Sparrows, but zero Nelson's and not even a single Large-billed Savannah. The female Costa's Hummingbird continues southeast of the Visitor Center, and I had a single-scan total of TEN Yellow-crowned Night-Herons out in the marsh (from Seacoast Drive). A Turkey Vulture flying over the upper Silver Strand is actually pretty rare for that outercoast area. I then did some landbirding along the Silver Strand and had TWO separate Nashville Warblers, which combined with a new Nashville yesterday at the upper section of Nestor Park brings the two-day total to four new Nashvilles in the county. (Yes, I can count, using my fingers, one by one….the fourth one is the Sadowski-reported bird yesterday east of Mission Bay.) And in Coronado today, a new Plumbeous Vireo was along the NASNI fence at Coronado X 8th–the Ruddy Ground Dove / Cassin's Sparrow spot.

Also seen yesterday, the 12th, 2 Cattle Egrets continue roosting at night with the egret flock on the west end of the main Dairy Mart Pond, present only very early (and presumably also late) in the day. This species is now very rare in winter in coastal San Diego County. A female Vermilion Flycatcher continues at Larsen Field in San Ysidro, as do the two males to the south of Nestor Park. A Bullock's Oriole and 1-2 Western Tanagers were at the upper end of Sunnyslope Park. A concentration of 6 Phainopeplas off Tocayo Ave. in Nestor is a large number for so close to the coast.

–Paul Lehman, San Diego
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports