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weekend highlights (continuing birds)

On Saturday the 23rd, a male Bullock's Oriole and a Yellow Warbler were on North Island. No sign of the Inca Dove or any longspurs. A quick check of the Coronado Cays produced no Black Scoters, unfortunately. 

On Sunday the 24th, Nicole and I joined visiting birders Ryan Terrill and Jessica Oswald, and their dog Ani, to work on Ani's San Diego County list.  As previously mentioned, the rains in the Laguna Mountains seem to have shaken up the predictability of the rare finches at the water trough, although the RED CROSSBILLS were readily detectable, not so much for the EVENING GROSBEAKS (knowing their calls certainly increased your chances of catching them flying over) and we had no Cassin's Finches. Lots of ducks on Big Laguna Lake, but nothing of interest. The PINYON JAY we definitively heard on our hike in, was possibly distantly heard again on our way out, but further south. We didn't check the ranch house area, however… 
Back to the coast, at low tide the Hotel Del LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL was easily found on the jetty. The male EURASIAN WIGEON was between the bridges along the San Diego River (along with a neat looking leucistic Brant), accessed from Robb Field. The CACKLING GOOSE was on the lawn just east of the Santa Clara Rec Center in west Mission Bay, and the two young SNOW GEESE were in the southeast corner of De Anza Cove in east Mission Bay. 
Justyn Stahl
North Park

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports