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wayward Acorn Wood., T.K., Hammond’s

10:59 am

Yesterday, the 7th, there was a Hammond’s Flycatcher at Northmont Park in La Mesa. In the sycamore grove. Will wait and see if it is wintering or not. Today, the 8th, a wayward, lost Acorn Woodpecker was in eastern (“lower”) residential Point Loma–along Kellogg between San Fernando and San Elijo. The Tropical Kingbird continues with the Cassin’s Kingbirds along Woodworth Way and at the pitch-and-putt golf course at Liberty Station. Both this bird and the Robb Field bird are very likely returning birds from last winter. A Red-breasted Sapsucker at the SD Mission is finally the first individual I’ve seen all fall. A B-t Gray Warbler at Old Town St. Pk. is a returning wintering bird. At Admiral Baker Golf Course and Rec Area there was a total of FIVE Vermilion Flycatchers.
–Paul Lehman, San Diego