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waterfowl, eagles, parrots

waterfowl, eagles, parrots
By – 8:19 am

On Monday the 4th, the infamous Greater/Lesser Scaup continues at Lake #4 at Santee Lakes, where also a male Northern Pintail which may well be the same summering bird present recently at Lake Murray. Two somewhat wayward, long-staying Acorn Woodpeckers continue at Mast Park.

Yesterday, the 3rd, the 2 two-year-old Bald Eagles continued at the upper end of Sweetwater Reservoir, where also a Spotted Sandpiper which could be either a rare locally summering bird or an early migrant arrival.Two adult Reddish Egrets continue on South San Diego Bay.

Yesterday evening, Barbara Wise checked the parrot roost at the El Cajon courthouse area, and perhaps surprisingly for early July she counted ca. 175 Red-crowned, ca. 25 Lilac-crowned, a few hybrid-types, one Red-lored type Parrot, and a continuing odd-looking yellowish parrot thingy. Also be aware that there are some young Red-crowneds around which show some characters of Lilac-crowned (e.g., duller and more restricted red crowns, darker eye).

–Paul Lehman, San Diego