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Warbling Vireo in Hillcrest

Hi, All,

After the fog lifted this morning, I went out and birded my yard. The catch of the day was a Warbling Vireo shortly after 10.  A fairly common visitor in spring both here and county-wide, a record now is pretty unusual according the the SD Bird Atlas, which had only two records at slightly later dates.  I see Eitan saw one near La Mesa several weeks ago, but that is a bit more typical, according to the Atlas.  A search of eBird shows no more sightings at this time of year in the county; in fact, Eitan's is the only one listed for December through February for all years since 1900 (apparently the historical records noted in the Atlas haven't made it into eBird).  So this would apparently be only the fourth record in that timeframe, and only the third beyond December.

The bird appeared to be foraging, and moved fairly quickly to yards to the north, as if it wasn't finding much of interest.  It was gone in a couple of minutes, but posed cooperatively several times on its way through, and I got excellent photos, which are included in the list below.

Cheers,  Tuck Russell
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports