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W-w Scooter, Brown Boobies, early Osprey fledging

On Friday the 18th, there is a large (for the date) flock of Surf Scoters just a little north of the Imperial Beach pier which contains one female type White-winged Scoter. Be aware that there is also a single male surf scoter in the flock that is very worn and shows a prominent fake white wing patch. Also today, scoping out from the south end of Seacoast Drive it didn't take long to spot a couple brown boobies flying around, and they continue to be regular here in small numbers particularly in the early morning. Yesterday, the 17th, there was already a fully-fledged young Osprey hundreds of feet away from the nest at San Diegito Lagoon in Del Mar, which seems like a somewhat early date to already have fledged, but maybe I'm wrong on that…

The saltworks pond at the end of 13th Street in Imperial Beach still has as many as 41 Red Knots, four breeding plumaged Dunlin, and up to 75 Western Sandpipers lingering.

Paul Lehman, San Diego

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