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Visiting San Diego

5:11 pm

A few years ago I visited San Diego for the first time, as I live on the east coast.  This group was extremely helpful and accommodating, as many people responded to my request for help locating quite a few new birds.  I will be back in the area again with family in about two weeks.   Birding will not be my primary activity, but I am always looking for birds.  I would greatly appreciate any help in at least finding the best places to locate some of the birds I missed last time.  Also, if anyone can share information on taking one of the local boat tours, I’d love to see black-vented shearwaters and/or west coast alcids.  Please feel free to contact me off list.  Some of the missed species are: red-bellied, red-naped and Williamson’s sapsuckers, black oystercatcher, California quail, ladder-backed woodpecker, green-tailed towhee and hepatic tanager.
Steven Weiss
Toms River, NJ