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Virginia's Warbler, University City, 10 Oct 2019

A Virginia's Warbler was feeding in a ‘Tipu' tree at 10:00 this morning, at my senior apartment complex, Gullstrand south of Governor Dr.

It may be ‘chaseable’, just in case somebody is interested: the tree is next to the east-most apt unit behind green fencing, in a dirt-lot east of Gullstrand. A golf course is just east of this lot FYI. Please don't park in the dirt-lot, please park along Gullstrand, and please be mindful of residents south of the lot (the apt units north, up the hill, from the lot are vacant and due to be demolished).

The yellow undertail coverts were the most strongly colored part of the bird, rest of underneath was white/pale, breast had little if any yellow. Head grayish with white eye-ring. Weak overall contrast between head, upper-parts, and underparts. (Not right for Nashville)

Good birding,

Paul Chad
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports