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Virginia’s Warbler – Pacific Beach, 11 Sep 2023

11:13 am

First detected in the evening yesterday, 10 September 2023, I heard the loud “chink” call high in my neighbor’s eucalyptus tree canopy.  I was not able to see anything due to the thickness of the new flowering canopy and leafy growth.  Hearing it again this morning I decided to get a bit more serious and began various tricks to see if I could lure it out of the tree top.  The warbler was finally hoodwinked by the loud “chink” calls of a Blue Grosbeak and gave me one hurried pass by in the backyard bushes as it came to check out the calls.

Appears to be a female or first fall immature individual, some hint of buff on the chest and I could not make out any rufous feathers in the crown.
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Gary Nunn
Pacific Beach