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Violet-crowned Hummingbird, 20-22 May 2020 (viewing details)

Today, 22 May, a small group, with coordination through the homeowner and resort management did a brief exploratory trip today, saw the bird, and discussed future access possibilities as access was not granted indefinitely. Pre-arranged, group permission (see below) was granted for a small number of people tomorrow (Saturday), but no solo at-will visitation is allowed. Additionally, you must comply with the following rules and guidance below. Keep in mind this is a "clothing optional" resort, and, although our interactions were extremely limited, residents are likely uncomfortable with large numbers of clothed people carrying optics. 

Group meeting time and location will be 15 minutes before entry time at the I-8 Jacumba exit, in the dirt lot across from the Shell/Chevron stations. The group will then consolidate vehicles and be led in by a leader. There was ZERO cell reception in the resort, so if you are even two minutes late, you will not be able to contact the group or get in.


1. Absolutely NO CAMERAS or SCOPES are allowed. Repeat, NO CAMERAS.

2. Group size is limited to 10, with 5 cars, so carpooling in is necessary – if you feel you can do this safely (perhaps sit diagonally with the windows down?).

3. Masks must be worn.

4. Check in will be necessary at the office by the leader.

5. Do not enter the yard, but bird from outside the fence.

6. Do not exceed 5 mph while in the resort.

7. The bird seems to appear every 20-23 minutes, so after two bouts of feeding, please leave.

8. Bird discreetly at the yard where the bird is ONLY, then leave, do not bird elsewhere in the resort.

9. If you miss your meeting time/location, you're out of luck as entry without an assigned group leader (with permission letter) is not possible.

If these restrictions work for you, let me know if you are interested in going tomorrow, Saturday, at 0900 or 1100, and which time your prefer, but no guarantees. Priority will be given to San Diego birders.

Visits beyond Saturday are uncertain, but may be possible in the future if the bird stays, the homeowner approves, and there are no problems tomorrow. Previous records (nine before this one) of Violet-crowned Hummingbirds in California have stayed for as little as one day to as long as several months. A comparable record from Los Angeles stayed for just five days in late May 1987. 

Let me know if and when you'd like to go tomorrow.


Justyn Stahl

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports