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Villa La Jolla Park – Grace's Warbler, other birds, October 14, 2018

I made a late morning-to-lunch hour visit to Villa La Jolla Park today October 14, 2018 and found a few nice birds in the north sections of the park.
Along the north boundary of the park I heard calling, and eventually saw, a GRACE'S WARBLER which was quite mobile between the pine trees there.  The call a sort of buzzy chip, and not very loud so was quite difficult to pinpoint the whereabouts.  I eventually got good looks and some low quality images of it in a small pine tree just west of the carrotwood tree over the northeast pedestrian entrance. It moved off pretty quickly and I did not hear or see it again in spite of couple hours there looking.  Possibly a returning individual from last year?
Also seen in the park today one Black-and-white Warbler, one Hammond's Flycatcher, and a Red-breasted Sapsucker.  I think some of these previously reported.
I had a mystery vireo make some short separated song notes from high in the Torrey Pines along the north boundary. Not sure what species but a resemblance to Yellow-throated Vireo, the slow cadence of note delivery, or more likely a half-hearted burst or two from a "Solitary" type. Could not find it for a visual.
Some photos in my eBird checklist here

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