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very preliminary highlights from Rancho Sta Fe CBC 12-27-20

Haven’t received all results yet from today's Rancho Sta Fe area CBC, but already a respectable 183 species (range of previous counts 145-202 species).  Thanks to all who helped make this CBC happen & successful!

Notable species included greater white-fronted goose and snow goose in San Dieguito River Valley, wood duck in Poway, male Eurasian wigeon at San Elijo, hooded merganser in Poway & San Dieguito RV, common goldeneye at Miramar Lake, horned grebe in San Dieguito wetlands, reddish egret at San Elijo, least bittern at San Dieguito reservoir, yellow-crowned night-heron at Del Mar Public Works, zone-tailed hawk north of Lake Hodges, black oystercatcher and glaucous-winged gull at Cardiff State Beach,  burrowing owl at San Elijo, Costa’s hummingbird at Torrey Pines and Rancho Bernardo, red-breasted sapsucker at Stagecoach Park, vermilion flycatcher at San Dieguito RV and Escondido Cr, loggerhead shrike at San Dieguito wetlands and Torrey Pines, mountain chickadee in Harmony Grove, red-breasted nuthatch multiple locations, canyon wren at Del Dios Highlands, yellow warbler in San Dieguito RV, black-throated gray warbler in Solana Beach, black-and-white warbler in Encinitas, Lucy’s warbler at San Dieguito Park, Grace’s warbler in Del Mar and Encinitas, Wilson’s warbler at San Dieguito wetlands, 4S Ranch, and Escondido Cr, grasshopper sparrow in Poway, clay-colored sparrow and lark bunting in Mira Mesa, slate-colored junco in Carmel Valley, green-tailed towhee at Miramar Lake, western tanager in Rancho Sta Fe, San Dieguito Reservoir, and Encinitas, hepatic tanager in Del Mar, tricolored blackbird and yellow-headed blackbird in San Dieguito RV, Bullock’s and Baltimore orioles in Solana Beach, purple finch at San Elijo and Carmel Valley, pine siskin at multiple locations, Swinhoe’s white-eye in Encinitas.
Thanks again to all who participated today!
Robert Patton
San Diego, CA

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports