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Vermillion Flycatcher- Kate Sessions, and ID help?

Today, Wednesday, June 10th, at about 1pm, I saw a male Vermillion Flycatcher at Kate Sessions Park. It was “flycatching” from a low branch of tree just south of restrooms, very near where I was picnicking. I know male Vermillion Flycatchers and that is only bird it could have been.

At same time, another bird flew to tree above me which I could not immediately ID. Thinking at time, warbler? Vireo?, It had yellow wash on vent/under belly, and pale breast with some dark streaks on breast, dark tail with white edges. I only saw from below. (no binoculars)

When I reported Vermilion Flycatcher on eBird, it said “rare”, so I looked in bird book. That’s when I thought, maybe the other bird I saw was a young Vermillion Flycatcher.

Any comments or ID help welcome. Thanks.

Nancy Stalnaker
San Carlos, San Diego
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports