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Vermilion Flycatcher by Lake Murray

Following up on the ebird alert, I was able to refind the male Vermilion Flycatcher on the golf course, flycatching from low branches in eucs at basically the exact coordinates Steven Muñoz has for the ebird pin (32.79233, -117.04200). 

Ebird link for reference:
If you drew a line between the playground at the community park and the Osprey nest along the bike path, the VEFL spot is basically smack in the middle of that line. 
Note the obvious fact that this is an active golf course so do not go traipsing through the grass. I was able to view the bird by accessing a small dirt trail which cuts through a fence towards the W edge of the golf course. I was able to pick out the bird easily scanning at a distance with binoculars without stepping into the course (thankfully male VEFL are hard to miss!)
Eitan Altman
San Carlos

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports