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Various locs – Tropical Kingbirds, Dickcissel, Sep 21–22, 2018

This morning Sep 22, 2018 at Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery not too birdy.  A showy TROPICAL KINGBIRD near the main entrance in Ficus tree tops and tallest palm tree tops. It was associating with one Cassin's Kingbird. No vocalizations heard but large billed individual. If anyone hears it call please let us know.  Also in the southwest corner a cooperative "Least" Bell's Vireo showed itself.
Yesterday September 21, 2018 I received nice photos, and an audio recording, of a TROPICAL KINGBIRD in Chula Vista, found and documented by Susan Yamagata. It was on utility lines near the junction of 1st Ave. and Sierra Way, a block from the golf course on L St.
Also reported today September 22, 2018 a DICKCISSEL on Fiesta Island, Mission Bay in the large eucalyptus trees in center of dog run area. Last heard calling, and flying off west, by finder David Holway at 0910.

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