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Varied Trush and compadres

The Fort Rosecrans Varied Thrush put in 2-3 brief appearances between roughly 9:30 and 10:15 on Sunday morning, obligingly in the same place as previously reported, namely to the left of the by-itself pine tree along the west fence line in the NE portion of the cemetery. The now famous pine tree in question is approximately due west of the south end if the “loop road”.  The thrush would pop out of the base of the bushes along the highway feeding for a minute at the most, and then disappear back into the shrubbery.  Patience may be needed.  The Solitaire was not seen. 

The only other noteworthy avifauna were at least two Palm Warblers, a Nashville Warbler, and a possible Swainson’s Thrush that popped out of the bushes at the same location as the VATH.  The PAWA and NAWA were always in with the huge flock of butterbutts that like to hang out near the start of the hereinbefore mentioned “loop road”. 

And, good luck to all the ground feeding warblers, juncos, finches, etc., as there were numerous signs up in that area saying “Danger, pesticide spraying 10-19 to 10-26”.  The pesticide being used was apparently named “Drive”.  Does that ring a bell with anyone?  Anybody know what its toxicity to songbirds is?  

Phil Pryde, San Carlos

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports