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Varied Thrush update

Varied Thrush update
By – 8:37 pm
    No one else seems to have posted it, so belatedly I’ll mention that around 9 a.m. this morning (Fri.) the Lindo Lake Varied Thrush made an appearance for about ten SDFO folks at exactly the same place as noted yesterday (32.8571041, -116.9176385;  thank you Mandy).       For those who might want to look for it on Sat. and prefer words to numbers, both yesterday and this morning it hit the ground on the park side of the southern Lindo Lake Park border fence, right where there is a white mobile home visible on the other (south) side of the fence.  The children’s play area mentioned in previous emails is about 40 yards east of there.      Also worth mentioning, the small Lindo Lake flock of Tricolored Blackbirds was nearby along the lakeshore in with the usual suspects (scrounging ducks, coots, and pigeons).  About a dozen males but only four female TRBLs, but maybe that’s normal for fall.     Good birding, 
Phil PrydeSan Carlos