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Vagrant California Quail

9:45 am

California Quail are not exactly known for their vagrancy wandering, but there’s currently a calling male sitting up on the roof of a house at the southwest corner of Dudley and Silvergate in residential Point Loma. While there is always the chance that a wayward chicken such as this is an escapee…… I’d say the chances favor it being a wild bird. Whether it’s a vagabond from “merely” three miles away at Cabrillo National Monument or it’s come from farther afield is anyone’s guess. There are other records of quail quite a ways outside of normal range over the past 10 years or more, including records from Delta Beach on the Silver Strand and from Dairy Mart, for example.

This morning was another mediocre to so-so day of migrants where I’ve been along the immediate coast. The total of migrants at Mount Soledad In 2 hours was only 67.

Paul Lehman, San Diego