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UTC Northern Parula

8:43 am

Sunday morning, a female Northern Parula, which must be a returning bird from last winter but which had not been reported at all this season, is at the east end of Executive Drive in University City. Last year the bird frequented the last couple tipu trees before the road dead ends at the parking lot for Ram Construction Company. Today, slightly differently, the bird was up and down the paved walkway that runs to the north at those tipus and that is signed “Alexandria” with an information map. It was in the sycamores and a couple oak trees up and down the length of that path. The problem is there are plenty of Yellow rumps here that are marauding all the other, shy warblers, so the poor Parula and Orange crowneds and Townsends are trying to hide from the nasty Yellow rumps! By the way, one of the Orange crowns present here is extremely dull and may well be a nominate celata, which are scarce in San Diego County. Elsewhere in UTC this morning there were a couple Black throated Gray warblers.
Paul Lehman, San Diego