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UTC area – Eastern Kingbird, Sep 10, 2018

Local birder Aaron Mager was lucky enough to find an EASTERN KINGBIRD in the vicinity of his backyard in the UTC neighborhood.
It has actually been there a few days, Sep 8–10, and Aaron had submitted it to eBird with photographs.  Public access was not known at the time since looks to be a private community but Aaron has kindly offered to let people into his backyard and has alerted neighbors there might be birders coming to look for it.
The address is 5763 Erlanger Street.
Aaron says there is a fire hydrant on the sidewalk and you can walk down between homes in line with the fire hydrant to get to the backyard.  Look for the Eastern Kingbird from there.
Aaron last saw it at 11:19am today Sep 10.

Gary Nunn
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Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports