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Univ City rarities, 2-3 Jan 2021

This afternoon between 245-315 pm I observed the Olive-sided Flycatcher in Rose Canyon a bit downstream from where it was reported on 1 Jan. While I watched this bird, it was foraging from the top of a mostly leafless ash tree (approximately here: 32.850916, -117.231461).


At around 4 pm this afternoon, I also observed the previously reported Clay-colored Sparrow feeding with the Chipping Sparrow flock in the grass in the northeastern corner of Standley Middle School (32.853960, -117.206165). I did not see or hear the Painted Redstart while I was here this afternoon, but I did see it yesterday (2 Jan) afternoon foraging in the yard of All Saints Preschool along Radcliffe Drive. Also yesterday afternoon, I briefly saw an uncooperative oriole in the trees bordering the apartment complex just east of the preschool.

David Holway
University City

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports