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Two local pelagic scouting trips. 1- 19, and 2- 01, 2020

We've run two local offshore scouting trips and found conditions and bird life changing.

The two trips were on Saturday Jan 19, 2020 out of Mission Bay and covering the area from the north end of the Nine Mile Bank to La Jolla Canyon, including La Jolla Cove.  
Then Sat. Feb. 1st. out of San Diego Bay and covering the border north up the Nine Mile Bank to the 178 Fathom spot .
We found the majority of birds on both trips, associated with feeding dolphins pods. 
The feeding dolphin were southwest of Mission Bay and inside the Nine Mile Bank on the Jan. 19th.  La Jolla was very quiet on the that date. 
The area with the most dolphin and birds on Feb, 1st. was along the border inside and outside the Nine Mile Bank ( except murrelets further up the bank).
So the following is a list of species seen offshore (except the surfbirds, & the turnstone on the  jetties). 
The first number from the northern portion on 1-19-20, the second from the southern area on 2-1-20.
Brant   31,  30
Surf Scoter  25,  11
Western Grebe   2,  0
Black Turnstone  0, 1
Surfbird   2, 5
Red Phalarope   0, 3
Pomarine Jaeger   1,  0
Parasitic Jaeger   1,  1
jaeger sp.    0, 2 
Scripps's Murrelet    0, (posssibly. a third pair)
Cassin's Auklet    1, 0
Bonaparte's Gull   63,  0
Heermann's Gull   21,  36
California Gull   250,   40
Herring Gull    2,  0
Western Gull  400,  160
Forster's Tern    1 (north end of Nine M. B.),  0
Royal Tern   2,  16
Pacific Loon   4,  2
Common Loon   0,   1
Northern Fulmar    1,  8 (including one white morph).
dark bellied shearwater sp.  0,  1
Black-vented Shearwater     1800,    200
Brown Booby    0,   6
Brandt's Cormorant    55, 165
Double-crested Cormorant    2,   0
Pelagic Cormorant    0,  2
Brown Pelican   35,   30
Mammals seen;
Gray Whale        3,    4
Common Dolphin    yes,  yes   (Tons both days)
Risso's Dolphin      no,  yes
Pacific White-sided Dolphin    yes,  yes
California Sea Lion      yes,   yes 
There are a limited number of spaces on the San Diego Audubon Bird Festival pelagic trips, Feb. 28,29, Mar. 1st. and 2nd. 
Rumor is more spaces may have opened for the Coronado Is. trip!
I suggest you contact them as soon as possible if you are interested in joining us.
Dave Povey

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports