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Two Lesser Black-backeds, Crane, Golden-Plover, TK, Summer

12:24 pm

Monday morning, a Pacific Golden-Plover was with Black bellieds at Naval Outlying Field, the helicopter field in imperial Beach, as in previous winters. Whether it’s one of the three birds seen off and on at the Salt Works at high tide is unknown. So whether the grand total currently is three or four is questionable. The adult Sandhill Crane continues in the Tijuana River channel in the more eastern section, as it has been lately, off of and right up against the dike along the edge of the sod farm. A Tropical Kingbird on the school ball fields just west of the drive-in theater on Coronado Avenue may or may not be the bird that roosts with Cassins at Nestor Park. A new female Summer Tanager is in Nestor at the corner of Cerissa and Cantamar, and Nancy and I checked gulls at Lower Otay Lake and there are two separate adult Lesser Black-backeds here, plus three young Thayer’s Icelands and two or three young Glaucous-wings and one or two hybrids, plus a reasonable count of about 90 Herrings.
Paul Lehman, San Diego