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TWO – Broad-billed Hummingbirds – Golden Hill Cottage

11:53 am

Hello Friends, 
Exciting news, a MALE broad-billed hummingbird [Day 2] was reported to me by Cynthia Case this morning, she posted her photos on eBird yesterday. The juv male is showing today, absolutely gorgeous and molting into his blue. The female who has been seen for
[52 days] now, continues as well. For approximatley the first 40 days she was present I am certain it was the same individual, as I was able to obtain photos and note her molt pattern (pin feather location). Since she is completely molted at this point, so
it’s only an assumption it’s the same individual.
Again, the general location is 25th St and B Street in Golden Hill, San Diego, CA. PLEASE text/call my cell if you are visiting, I am working with the reviewers to only have sightings of this rare bird under my personal yard list. No public hotspot
will be created here since it’s private and a courtesy to my many neighbors who are allowing permission. Send me your eBird username OR eBird email and I’ll add you to my daily list, you are welcome to add/delete sightings and add photos from there. 
Thank you all, 
Lindsay Willrick
(619) 971-7801