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TRV Laughing Gull and White-winged Dove

10:36 am

Thursday morning, a White-winged Dove was perched along the southern edge of the Community Gardens in the TRV. The first-cycle Laughing Gull first found on Monday continues today in the sewage and garbage overflow area west of Ponyland, west of Hollister. Also, there are a continuing 22 immature Ring billed Gulls there, which is a very high count for the second week in May. Earlier in the morning at J Street there were 600 California and one Ring-billed Gull, which is a more typical ratio at this time of year! 

There has been an okay number of landbird migrants around the last several days, through today, including a fair number of Swainsons thrushes, still a Cassins Vireo, and reasonable numbers of tanagers and grosbeaks and Wilson’s Warblers and Western Flycatchers and W. Kingbirds. The weak link in these numbers seems to be a number of warblers which are definitely in unexceptional numbers.
Yesterday at Jacumba, in addition to the continuing pair of Harris’s Hawks, there was a migrant Green tailed towhee and several getting-late Brewer’s Sparrows. The usual Lesser nighthawk and pair of Scots Orioles and numbers of Lawrence’s goldfinches. But the small number of Tricolored Blackbirds are finishing nesting and are feeding the last of the fledglings and will likely disappear soon.
Paul Lehman, San Diego