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TRV 7-28-18

Trent Stanley and I birded several spots in the TRV this morning, 7-28-18.

In the river channel adjacent to the old sod farm there was a barn owl foraging (7a.m.).

At the stick pond and immediate vicinity there was female-type  white-collared seed eater as well as several blue grosbeaks and American goldfinches.  The pond had three green herons and two common gallinules.

The Community Garden area had more blue grosbeaks, many American goldfinches, the resident northern cardinal, two hooded orioles, at least one chat and an early male western tanager.

the Saturn ponds are so overgrown that it is difficult to view the water.  Someone needs to take a pair of garden shears and clear an observation port into the shrubbery along Saturn. There were pair of common ground doves in the trees.

Eric Kallen
San Diego
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports