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TRV 11-14-18

I visited a few spots in the TRV this morning, 11-14-18.
Highlights were few.
Sod Farm:
Mountain Bluebird! Scope Required
Greater Roadrunner
American Pipits 5
Horned Larks 10

Horned Lark 10
American Pipits 30
Vermilion Fly
Western Meadowlarks 10
Did not see the vesper in the several groups of sparrows
Several swallows – I will have to look at the pics before I can tell for sure, but I think they are tree swallows.

Main Pond:
Hooded Merganser 2F
American White Pelicans 10 including one with wing bands (yellow text "48K" on black) I reported it, but I don't think the report went through.

I will post a few pics later today, after 3pm, at:

Eric Kallen
San Diego
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports