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TRV 1-5-18

Trent Stanley & I birded several spots in the TRV this morning, 1-5-18.

At the air field we found a flock of about 12 Black-bellied Plovers. There were two distinctively different plovers in the group. We suspect that they are Pacific Golden-plovers.  Not a great photo opportunity, but Trent got some pics that will probably tell the tale.

We visited the Mall in San Ysidro to check out the large doves, where might be lurking the spotted variety that was seen in the area in October.  We were surprised to find two new Vermilion Flys, an adult male and a female-type on the border fence behind the Ross clothing store.  We then drove over to the ballfields to check on that  flycatcher, and Nestor Park.  The two well-known birds were in their usual spots.

Photos included with my ebird report.  

Eric Kallen
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports