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Tropical Kingbirds at Robb Field, Liberty Station today

1:19 pm

Following Audrey E. lead at Robb Field:
First seen perched at corner of 10′ high chain link fence surrounding basketball half-courts here: 32.754339, 117.241050.  As I approached, it retreated to top of adjacent eucalyptus here:  32.754470, -117.241157.  Probably exact same location as reported yesterday by Audrey E.  Thick bill, dark gray mask, white throat to olive yellow upper breast to bright yellow breast below that.  Primary tips of varying length.  Notched tail with slight white edges.  Call from eucalyptus matched Sibley app call 2 (did not record).  Photos


At Liberty Station (following Paul Lehman lead):
Woodworth Way is an obscure alley, perfect for birding.  Found Tropical Kingbird In a bare branched tree 50′ west and 100′ south of golfing end of Woodworth Way.  Neglected overgrown lot with large, fat, central palm.  Here:  32.741314, 117.214371.  Yellow to neck.  Photos. 

Yesterday 10/12 at this same location, about 2 pm, partly cloudy, there was a “kingbird festival” of 6-12 birds, very active, flying between top of palm and branches of the several bare trees.  I saw only Cassin’s then, no Tropical.